Who We Help

DGI Consulting engages with clients who have a need for:
  • A fundamental marketing engine that is easy to understand and relatively easy to execute.
  • Implementing a multi-faceted, systematic, professional marketing program that is lasting and sustainable without long-term involvement.
  • A brand and image facelift but don’t have the internal resources to pull it off.
  • A technical marketing expert who is knowledgeable about their products, market areas, applications, and customers.
  • A Director of Marketing or CMO but aren’t yet ready to pull the trigger on a permanent hire.
  • Research, analysis, and business plans (including proforma/business models) to take business ideas to the next level.
  • Getting a new business venture or product idea off the ground and lack internal resources to get it done quickly.
  • Identifying prospects and implementing sales programs to capture business in these targeted market areas.
  • New product ideas and new business opportunities to bring to their current customer base.
  • Introducing new products effectively and learning how to do it themselves in the future with high impact.
  • Developing a sales and distribution channel with programs that will energize partners to successfully sell their products.