Areas of Expertise

Product Marketing/Product Management

DGI can take business ideas and put in-place the marketing strategies, the sales channels, the product plan, the pricing strategies, the positioning strategies, and all of the components of a product-marketing program and product launch.  We can identify specific targeted customers and detailed market sub-segments and then implement promotions to reach them with relevant messaging.  Furthermore, we have hands-on project management to bring the product to commercial readiness.

New Product Development

DGI teaches companies how to bring new products to market in a highly-effective and successful manner.  Most experts in this area are either product development oriented (skilled in the creation of the product) or marketing focused (experienced with the market introduction plans and promotion).  However, our experience includes both sides of this equation and integrating them together for a successful product launch.

Marketing Systems

We help small to mid-sized companies identify and implement professional marketing programs and put in place the foundation for a lasting and sustainable marketing engine that is self-managed.  This service is ideal for growing companies that may have outgrown their marketing coordinator/marketing communications person.

New Business Ventures

For companies who have a new business idea but lack the horsepower or band-width to make it happen, DGI will do it for them. We have decades of experience in identifying and pursuing new businesses areas – pioneering new-to-the-world product and service opportunities, inventions, and innovations. We build businesses from the ground up, including establishing financial analysis figures and implementing operational requirements, determining product specifications, and performing market analysis. This experience includes new company start-up.